101 Hottest Places To Meet A Millionaire

101 Hottest Places To Meet A Millionaire


By relationship author William Coit

Have you ever wondered where to meet the man of your dreams. The financially wealthy, successful, stable guy that will fulfill all your fantasies.

Do You Want To Know Where The Millionaires Hang Out In America?

Do You Want To Marry A Wealthy Guy?

Are You Tired of Dating BROKE Guys?

Do You Want To Travel The World and Shop In Some of The Most Luxurious Stores?

Well, William Coit will reveal his secrets to finding, meeting, and dating a millionaire in "101 Hottest Places To Meet A Millionaire." Never before has a book compiled all of the most popular places to meet a highly select group of men. With this information, you're guaranteed to be at a competitive advantage in the dating market.

Did You Know That...

The 2007 World Wealth Report said there were 9.5 million millionaires in the world at the end of 2006. In North America, the number of financial millionaires grew 9.2% to 3.2 million. Their total wealth grew by 10% to $11.3 trillion.

That's good news for you. These men are looking to date and marry single women. You must position yourself to take advantage of this opportunity. In the past, only a few women who were either born into money, went to a prestigious school, or worked directly with them were privy to this information. Don't worry, I've SOLVED that problem for you. You can meet, date, and marry a well-off guy.

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This 22 page e-book is packed with 101+ places to meet a millionaire in America from cities like: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Atlanta, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Nashville, Miami, Philadelphia, Boston, Portland, and more... Grab your copy NOW before the price goes up.



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Atlanta is constantly changing and in a state of flux. There's a need to be on the cutting edge of what's happening. Have no fear, we've updated our book to include the hottest places to hang out or party in Atlanta. Let's say you're here for the weekend and you need a quick list of hot clubs. No problem, we have them listed. Or you need a trendy restaurant to eat at. Again, no problem. We have the top restaurant's listed.

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